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Mikel  Janin

Hailing from Spain, Mikel Janin left his career as an architect in 2010 to pursue work in the comics industry.  Under exclusive contract with DC since 2011, Mikel has worked as a penciler, inker, and cover artist on titles including Trinity War, Batman Eternal, Grayson, and Justice League Dark, among others.  Mikel is best known for his long and impressive run on Batman, which is punctuated by the historic "wedding" of Batman and Catwoman in issue 50.

While Mikel occassionally draws select pieces by hand whenever time allows, the vast majority of his work is digital.  As a result, his original interior artwork offered here consists of a unique original print of the final production file for each published page.  The artwork is annotated by hand, and is signed & numbered ("1/1") by Mikel along the bottom edge and accompanied by our Certificate of Authenticity.  In addition, Mikel's digital covers are available as a full color fine art giclee print suitable for framing.  Cover monoprints are also signed and numbered ("1/1"), and issued with accompanying dual-signed COA.

Unfortunately, Mikel is not accepting commission requests at this time.  An announcement will be made through our mailing list as soon as he has availability for commissions.

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Covers (B/W)

Covers (Published Colors)

Batman 77

Issue: 77, Page: 14
On Hold
Issue: 77, Page: 15
Issue: 77, Page: 17
Issue: 77, Page: 18
Issue: 77, Page: 19
Issue: 77, Page: 8
Issue: 77, Page: 10
Issue: 77, Page: 11
Issue: 77, Page: 12
Issue: 77, Page: 1
Issue: 77, Page: 2
Issue: 77, Page: 3
Issue: 77, Page: 4
Issue: 77, Page: 6
Issue: 77, Page: 7

Batman 74

Batman 73

Batman 72

Batman 71

Batman 70

Detective Comics 1000

Batman 63

Batman 60

Batman 59

Batman 58

Batman Secret Files 1

Justice League 8

Batman 50

Batman 49

Batman 48

Batman 44

Batman 43

Batman 42

Batman 41

Batman 32 (The Proposal!)

Batman - Issues 9-13 (I Am Suicide)

Batman: Rebirth #1

Published Artwork (Not For Sale)

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