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Hailing from Spain, Mikel Janin left his career as an architect in 2010 to pursue work in the comics industry.  Under exclusive contract with DC since 2011, Mikel has worked as a penciler, inker, and cover artist on titles including Trinity War, Batman Eternal, Grayson, and Justice League Dark, among others.  Mikel is now slated alongside David Finch as one of the regular artists on the new Batman title, which kicks off with his work on Batman: Rebirth #1.

While Mikel draws select pieces by hand whenever time allows, the vast majority of his work is digital.  As a result, his original artwork typically consists of a unique original print of the digital pencils/inks for each published page.  The artwork is presented on DC bristol board, annotated by hand, and is signed & numbered ("1/1") by Mikel along the bottom edge.  The authenticity of each page is further certified on the reverse.  In addition, full color limited edition prints are also available for select cover artwork.

Unfortunately, Mikel is not accepting commission requests at this time.  An announcement will be made through our mailing list as soon as he has availability for commissions.

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Batman: Rebirth #1

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