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Hot on the heels of his popular run on Spider-Man with Brian Bendis, Oscar is now hard at work on this summer's most talked about new ongoing series:  Mr & Mrs X!  With the launch of issue 1 (which also happens to feature the wedding of fan favorites ROGUE and GAMBIT), Oscar is quickly making a name for himself as one of the most popular artists in the industry!  

While Oscar occassionally draws select pieces by hand as time allows, the vast majority of his work is digital.  As a result, his original interior artwork offered here consists of a unique original print of the final production file for each published page.  The artwork is annotated by hand, and is signed & numbered ("1/1") by Oscar along the bottom edge and accompanied by our Certificate of Authenticity.  Each page also boasts a small remark sketch next to his signature.  

Unfortunately, Oscar is not accepting commission requests at this time.  An announcement will be made through our mailing list as soon as he has availability for commissions.

Mr and Mrs X #7

Mr & Mrs X #5

Mr & Mrs X #4

Mr & Mrs X #3

Mr & Mrs X #2

Mr & Mrs X #1