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Zach  Howard

Zach Howard is a comic book illustrator who has been nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Single Issue in 2010, and a Scream Award in 2005.  He has worked for Marvel, DC, IDW, Image, Dark Horse, Boom, and Simon and Shuster.  Zach is perhaps best known for his amazing work on creator-owned Wild Blue Yonder (with Mike Raicht and Nelson Daniel) for IDW.  Previous projects also include The Cape (with Joe Hill), Shaun of the DeadTMNTDetective ComicsSpider-ManAliens: Almost Human, and The Hulk.  Zach is hard at work on his next big project (as yet unannounced).

For the first time in YEARS, Zach is now accepting new commission requests!  

6" x 9" - Pen and Ink
$200 1 character, no background
*Zach may choose to add simple background at own discretion!

8 1/8" x 12 1/4" Cover Quality Inks
$650 1 character, simple background
$1000 2 characters, full background

15" x 19" POSTER SIZE Cover Quality
Dripping with more detail than you could possibly hope for, and embellished with hand-drawn border framing.  Multiple characters, elaborate backgrounds, more detail than the human eye can possibly comprehend…and 3x as large as the cover quality option.  Prices start at $5000.  Write us for a quote on your idea here.  

From Zach:  “I bring Hell with me on these and I don’t like coming in second place. ;)”

Commission Examples

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