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Viktor  Bogdanovic

AquamanYoung JusticeThe TerrificsSilencerAction ComicsNew Super-ManBatman: Arkham KnightSuicide Squad Most Wanted:  Deadshot/Katana.  Over the last several years Vik has worked on a veritable "Who's Who" of DC royalty.  Only question is:  Who's next...?

While Viktor's professional deadlines currently do not allow him enough time to accept commission requests, we will make an announcement through the mailing list as soon as this changes.

76 items found. Ordered by title. Click the image or title below to view the artwork.

Covers (digital prints)

Issue: 1, Page: Cover
Issue: 1, Page: Cover
Issue: 1, Page: Cover

2099: Alpha

Page: 7
Page: 14
Page: 15
On Hold
Page: 28

Joker Villains Special (Digital Prints & Original Pencils)

Aquaman #49 (Digital Prints & Original Pencils)

Issue: 49, Page: 1
Issue: 49, Page: 4
Issue: 49, Page: 9
Issue: 49, Page: 10
Issue: 49, Page: 15

Action Comics (digital prints)

Silencer (original pencils)

New Super-Man (digital prints)

New Super-Man (original pencils)

Terrifics (digital prints)

Aquaman #48 (Digital Prints & Original Pencils)

Terrifics (original pencils)

Covers (original pencils)

Action Comics (original pencils)

Batman Arkham Knight (original pencils)

Deadshot (original pencils)

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