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New Artists, New Art & NYCC Commissions!

Published on September 1, 2016
New Artists, New Art & NYCC  Commissions!
Hi everyone! We are very excited to announce two more incredible additions to CCA, Viktor Bogdanovic and Djibril Morisette-Phan!

Viktor  Bogdanovic is fresh off his simmering 12-issue run on Batman: Arkham Knight and the Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Deadshot/Katana mini-series. Currently, Viktor is working on the red hot New Super-Man with writer Gene Luen Yang and inker Richard Friend. Pages from New Super-Man #1 & #2, as well as pages from Batman: Arkham Knight and Suicide Squad Most Wanted can be found HERE.

Djibril Morisette-Phan is a French-Canadian artist based in Montreal. Previous work includes The Ultimates (Marvel) , Zack the Zombie Exterminator (Coffin Comics), and Archie. In 2015, Djibril teamed up with writer Jim Zub  to create the  soon to be released Hollywood horror series GLITTERBOMB (Image). Ultimates pages can be found HERE. Pages from GLITTERBOMB will be up as soon as the book is released next week. 


NYCC Commissions!

We are currently accepting pre-con commission requests for NYCC! There are a limited number of spots available for full-size commissions to be completed in advance, and then we will also be accepting smaller commission requests in person over the course of the weekend. PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT need to attend NYCC in person to request a pre-con commission! We are also happy to ship completed requests upon our return.

Ed Benes is available for (5) pre-con commission spots! Ed is offering single character 11" x 14" pinups rendered in copic markers with partial background. (Ed may also add color at his discretion if he feels it will enhance the end result). Price is $1000 (please add $400 for each additional character).

Ed will also be offering 9" x 12" pen/ink requests for $500 (+$200 each additional character) in person at the con. We anticipate that Ed will be able to accommodate at most (3) such requests per day, so you may want to swing by the table as soon as the show opens if interested in adding your name to the list!

In addition, Diego Bernard, Mico Suayan, Martin Morazzo, Roc Upchurch, Gabo and Juan Ferreyra are each accepting (3) full-size commission requests in advance of the con! Please visit each artist's individual website gallery for pricing and commission samples.

All lists will be filled on a strictly first-come, first serve basis, so please let us know ASAP if you'd like to reserve a spot!

We've added the following new art this week:

Diego Bernard - Ninjak #14-16 pages
Viktor Bogdanovic - New Superman #1 and #2 pages, assorted pages from Batman: Arkham Knight and Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Deadshot and Katana
Juan Ferreyra - Green Arrow #4 and #5 pages
Mikel Janin - Limited edition cover prints (signed/numbered) for Batman #9-11
Djibril Morissette-Phan - Ultimates #9 and #10 pages, assorted covers and pinups (including Archie and Zack the Zombie Exterminator).
Mico Suayan - Bloodshot Reborn #16 pages

As always, thanks for looking!
Court Gebeau

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