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The 2016 Comiconart HOLIDAY SALE is here!

Published on December 13, 2016

This just in:  The annual Comiconart Holiday Sale is now in full effect!  Save 25% off list price on all available art for the following artists through the end of 2016!

Marcio Abreu
Alberto Alburquerque
Ed Benes
Diego Bernard (commissions included!)
Viktor Bogdanovic
Fritz Casas
Juan Castro
Jason Copland
Rahsan Ekedal (commissions included!)
Juan Ferreyra
Simon Gane
Sheldon Goh (commissions included!)
Zach Howard
Brian Hurtt  (Sixth Gun, The Damned, AND Poppy! (with Matt Kindt))
Mikel Janin
Sonny Liew
Matteo Lolli
Lan Medina (commissions included!)
Martin Morazzo (commissions included!)
Djibril Morissette-Phan
Lucio Parrillo
Carlos Rafael
Renato Rei
Alisson Rodrigues (commissions included!)
Mico Suayan
Artyom Trakhanov (35% off on Turncoat and Undertow, 25% off everything else - commissions included!)
Roc Upchurch (commissions included!)

Please let us know if you have any questions!  Otherwise, what are you waiting for...?  Time is running out...!

Happy Shopping!

Thanks, Court

Court Gebeau



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