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New Artist + New Art Update

Published on February 7, 2017
New Artist  + New Art Update

Hi everyone! We are very excited to welcome Renato Guedes to CCA! Best known for his work on Wolverine (Marvel), Superman (DC), and Constantine (DC/Vertigo), Renato is an established talent with over 15 years experience in the comic industry. Some of his work has even been prominently featured as a large display piece on the walls of the DC Comics offices! You can see some of his work and  the pieces we have available HERE.

We've also added some new art this week:
JUAN CASTRO - Inks for:
Files of the Suicide Squad (Vicente Cifuentes)

JUAN FERREYRA -  Cover and Interiors for:
Green Arrow #15


Assorted Marvel and DC covers

Interiors for:
Secret Avengers
Green Lantern
American Vampire Anthology

LAN MEDINA - Interiors for:
Deadman: Mansion of Forbidden Love #1 & #2

As always, thanks for looking!
Court Gebeau

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