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New Batman art by MIKEL JANIN now available!

Published on April 18, 2018
As Batman gets ready for the big day...

...we celebrate this momentous occasion with some fantastic new artwork, and BIG NEWS (hint, hint) from superstar artist MIKEL JANIN!

For starters:  We have just added a bunch of Mikel's best interior pages from Batman 41-44!  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with how Mikel prefers to work, here is a brief introduction to his artistic process:

Mikel's interiors are created digitally - first with a digital layout which is then inked - and then further rendered with graytones and some color before the final production files are sent off to DC.  The end results are often breathtaking to behold, and are truly unique works of art in their own right. 

His original interior artwork offered here consists of a unique original print of the final production file for each published page.  The artwork is annotated by hand, and is signed & numbered ("1/1") by Mikel along the bottom edge and accompanied by our Certificate of Authenticity.  Several samples are included below for your review.

She said YES!!!!!!!!

In addition, Mikel's digital covers are available as a large format (18 x 24) full color fine art giclee print suitable for framing.  Cover monoprints are also signed and numbered ("1/1"), and issued with accompanying dual-signed COA. 

And now, for that BIG NEWS that we hinted at earlier:  In coming weeks we will have not one, but TWO original (traditionally drawn pen and ink) Batman covers available from Mikel!  These would mark only the SECOND and THIRD of Mikel's many Batman covers that have been drawn by hand!  Keep an eye out here for more on this - we will be sending another announcement out as soon as the first cover image is officially solicited online.
As always, thanks for looking!
Court Gebeau

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