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Two New Mikel Janin BATMAN Covers Now Available!

Published on May 30, 2018
As the big day quickly approaches...

...we are proud to offer not one, but TWO traditional Batman covers from superstar artist MIKEL JANIN!

As previously mentioned last month, we have not one, but TWO original (traditionally drawn pen and ink) Batman covers available from Mikel Janin!  These would mark only the SECOND and THIRD of Mikel's many Batman covers that have been drawn by hand! 
First up:  The original cover art to Batman 49 featuring Batman, Catwoman, and the Joker is NOW AVAILABLE!  Purchase also includes a larger format (18" x 24") full color fine art giclee monoprint of the final full color artwork.  Price:  $5000

And then - just when we thought it couldn't get any better, THIS happened:

That's right - the stunning original cover art to the incredibly historic Batman 50 is 100% drawn by hand!  Cover art measures 11" x 17" - pen / ink and inkwash on bristol - and also includes a large format (18" x 24") full color fine art giclee monoprint of the final full color artwork. 

"Buy it now" price is $18,000, and we will also be accepting offers for consideration until July 4

Finally, a bit of news regarding Batman 50 interiors:

We anticipate unprecedented demand for Mikel's interior pages to issue 50, as evidenced by the numerous requests we have already received to purchase these pages sight unseen.  As a special THANK YOU to all of Mikel's customers who have already supported him by purchasing his artwork, we will be offering an exclusive 24-hour advance buying window to all pre-existing customers.  Any pages that do not sell during this initial 24-hour window will then be made available on the website on July 5th.

If you would like to be added to thisexclusive preview list but have not bought any of Mikel's art from us previously, there is still time!  Any purchases made through our site prior to July 4th will automatically get you added to the preview list. make things even easier, we have also just added select pages from the popular "I Am Suicide" story arc to the site, so...lots of great art to choose from!  And...pages from issues 48 and 49 will also be added to the site as soon as these issues hit the stands (issue 48 drops just one week from today)!

Any questions...?  Send a message through the site link and we will get back to you ASAP.  And...thanks for looking!

Court Gebeau

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