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New Art + Mico Suayan Commission List NOW OPEN!!

Published on March 5, 2018
Mico Suayan Commissions Now Available + New Art!

First of all, Mico Suayan is now accepting a limited number of commission requests!  He is offering both full-size 11" x 17" cover quality pieces, and also sketch cover requests...and this is likely to be the only such opportunity prior to NYCC in October!  Samples and pricing below:


11" x 17" Copic Markers
$450 1 character, no background
$600 character, partial background
$750 1 character, full background
Add $250 for each additional character

Sketch Covers (Inks / Copic Markers)
bust (waist-up), no background - $130
full character/partial background - $175
full character/full background - $250
additional characters - $100
any request as a wrap cover - +75%

And...lots of new art has been added to the site!  This is highlighted by the interior art from GI Joe 248 (Silent Issue!) by Netho Diaz!  Pages are going fast, so please let me know if you'd like to grab one of these great all-ninja action pages!

Here is a full list of all new art that has been added since the last newsletter:

Ed Benes - interior pages for Superman #41
Diego Bernard - X-Men Gold #21 interiors
Netho Diaz - G.I. Joe #248 (Silent Issue!) & #249, X-Men pinup
Novo Malgapo - Assorted pinups
Djibril Morissette-Phan - Glitterbomb: Fame Game #3
Mico Suayan - Bloodshot Salvation interiors for issues 3, 4, and 5

Hope you find something you like!

As always, thanks for looking!
Court Gebeau

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