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Kyle Charles Joins CCA! Brian Hurtt Commission List Now Open!! Plus...New Art!!!

Published on May 24, 2018
New Artist Added!  Brian Hurtt Commission List Now Open!! Plus...New Art!!!
First, we are very excited to announce that Kyle Charles is joining CCA! Kyle has been working in comics for the last several years, with credits on various Image titles including '68 and Roche Limit, while also contributing to various comics anthologies as well (including Heavy Metal, among others).  Kyle's current work on Her Infernal Descent (Aftershock) has been extremely well received, with the first issue quickly selling out as soon as it hit store shelves! To see Kyle's gallery click HERE.

And...for those of you that have been waiting so patiently...we are happy to say that Brian Hurtt's commission list is NOW OPEN!  Brian is constantly juggling multiple projects at once, which keeps him extremely busy, and as such he is very rarely available for commissions.  This is a rare opportunity, and only (5) spots are available, so please contact us ASAP if you'd like to claim a spot on Brian's list!
Brian's full-size cover-quality commission pricing is as follows:

11" x 14" pen and ink - single character / full background...$500
each additional character...+ $150
add inkwash to any commission...  +$150

And finally:  Here is a rundown of all new art that has been added this week:

Ed Benes - DC Trinity pinup
Kyle Charles -  Her Infernal Descent covers and interiors for issue # 1, assorted covers
Tyler Jenkins -  Grass Kings #13 cover
Sonny Liew -  Eternity Girl interiors, cover for issue #5
Lucio Parrillo -  Marvel cover paintings
Alisson Rodrigues - G.I. Joe #250 inks
As always, thanks for looking!
Court Gebeau
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