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Jethro Morales

After spending three years working exclusively for Dynamite on a variety of titles including Green Hornet, Dejah of Mars, and Army of Darkness / Vampirella, Jett has recently been focusing his talents on a few larger creator-owned graphic novel projects, the most ambitious of which is SHARKASAURUS.  Every bit as big as the name implies, Sharkasaurus is set to debut via Kickstarter very shortly.

Jett is always looking for new opportunities to follow his current work, so please let us know if you would like to put his talents to use on your project!

Sequential Page Samples - Dejah of Mars 1 (pencils / inks)

Sequential Samples - Dejah Thoris: Green Men of Mars 12 (pencils / inks)

Sequential Page Samples - Green Hornet 32 (pencils)

Sequential Page Samples - Green Hornet 31 (pencils)

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