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Action Comics / Detective Comics , Issue: 1057 / 1074 , Page: Connecting Covers

Artist(s): Mikel  Janin

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Issue: 1057 / 1074
Page: Connecting Covers
Art Type: Cover
Artists: Mikel  Janin (all)

Connecting covers for Action Comics 1057 & Detective Comics 1074 featuring Godzilla vs King Kong!

17 x 22 -  fine art monoprint of the final production artwork

The artwork offered here consists of a unique (1/1) original fine art print of the final production file for each published page.  The artwork is annotated by hand, and is signed by Mikel Janin on the back of the page and accompanied by a dual-signed Certificate of Authenticity.  Both artwork and COA also bear tamper-proof holograms with matching serial numbers to further establish authenticity and uniqueness of each piece.  





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