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Diego  Bernard

Hailing from Brazil, Diego Bernard is one of the hottest young talents in comics!  Diego first made his mark with an 18-issue run on Top Cow's flagship title Witchblade, and quickly followed that up with three years at Valiant Comics, where he helped shape such popular core characters as X-O Manowar and Ninjak, among others!  Shortly thereafter, Diego worked on a few issues of X-Men: Gold prior to assuming his current role as the regular artist on Lady Death!  


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Page: Gatefold Cover
Diego Bernard(penciller)
Alisson Rodrigues(inker)
Issue: 1, Page: Kickstarter Edition Cover
Issue: 01, Page: Kickstarter Edition Cover

Lady Death: Cybernetic Desecration

Issue: 17, Page: 45
Issue: 17, Page: 44
Issue: 17, Page: 43
Issue: 17, Page: 42
Issue: 17, Page: 35
Issue: 17, Page: 28 and 29
Issue: 17, Page: 26 and 27
Issue: 17, Page: 24

Hellwitch: Forbidden

Issue: 05, Page: 31
On Hold
Issue: 05, Page: 33
Issue: 05, Page: 34

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