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Mikel  Janin

Hailing from Spain, Mikel Janin left his career as an architect in 2010 to pursue work in the comics industry.  Under exclusive contract with DC since 2011, Mikel has worked as a penciler, inker, and cover artist on titles including Trinity WarBatman EternalGrayson, and Justice League Dark, among others.  Mikel is best known for his long and impressive run on Batman, which is punctuated by the historic "wedding" of Batman and Catwoman in issue 50.

From time to time Mikel becomes available for a very limited number of commission requests.  When this happens, an announcement will be sent through the mailing list.  Commission options and pricing are listed below.  Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to subscribe to the newsletter!

9" x 12" Pen and Ink / Inkwash
$300 single character bust
$600 single character full figure

11" x 17" Pen and Ink / Inkwash
$1000 single character full figure
$2800 cover quality - two characters, full background


Commission Examples

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