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Artapalooza feat. Janin, Howard, Suayan, and many more!

Published on November 1, 2018
ARTAPALOOZA November 2018!


Now that NYCC is in the rear-view mirror, we are feverishly working to get current with new art added to the site, so we can then begin to set our sights on the holidays (which - don't look now - are just around the corner!). 

Lots and LOTS of new art has just been added in the past week or so, including Mikel Janin's work on Batman Secret Files #1, Zach Howard's interior pages to The Cape: Fallen issue 3 as well as the cover to issue 4, covers from Juan Ferreyra for Marvel Zombies and also his upcoming new book Killmonger, and more pages and covers from Martin Morazzo's one-two punch of Ice Cream Man and She Could Fly!  If that's not enough:  how about new Marvel and DC covers from Mico Suayan?  Or...interior pages from the cult-classic Matt Kindt graphic novel Revolver?  And not to be left out:  Her Infernal Descent #3 from Kyle Charles, Mr & Mrs X #4 by Oscar Bazaldua, The Wrong Earth and Britannia pages from Juan Castro, and a rediscovered issue of Unity by Diego Bernard!

See...?  Told you it was a lot of art!!

Oscar Bazaldua - Mr & Mrs X #4
Diego Bernard - Unity #23
Juan Castro - The Wrong Earth #2 , Brittania #3 & #4
Kyle Charles - Her Infernal Descent #3 , Cover for #5
Juan Ferreyra - Killmonger #1 & 2 covers, Marvel Zombies covers
Zach Howard - The Cape #3 interiors, The Cape #4 cover
Mikel Janin -  Batman Secret Files #1 cover and interiors
Matt Kindt -  Revolver interiors
Martin Morazzo - Ice Cream Man issues 6, 7, and covers, She Could Fly #2-#4
Mico Suayan - Flash #57 cover, Titans #33 cover, Return of Wolverine #1 cover

Court Gebeau

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