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Roberto Poggi joins CCA + New Art from Jimenez, Janin, Suayan, Ferreira, and Kindt!

Published on January 13, 2020
Roberto Poggi joins CCA + New Art from Jimenez, Janin, Suayan, Ferreira, and Kindt!


First, please join us in welcoming Roberto Poggi to the site!  Roberto is currently inking Marcelo Ferreira on MORBIUS (issue 3 is up now!), and we also have a nice assortment of covers and pages from Roberto's previous projects with Mark Bagley, Ron Lim, Giuseppe Camuncoli, and others!

We also have recently added lots of fantastic new art to the site, including the penultimate issue of Jorge Jimenez's run on Justice League with Scott Snyder (with assist by Daniel Sampere, whose pages are also now available), and also the final issue of Tom King's landmark run on Batman with Mikel Janin!

Here's the full list of art that has been added:

Marcelo Ferreira - Morbius #3 interiors, featuring a plethora of pages featuring Morbius and Spider-Man!

Matt Kindt - Mind MGMT #17-#24 - all available interiors for volume 4 of this fantastic series!

Mikel Janin - Batman #85 pages, featuring the long-awaited payoff to the events of Batman #50!

Jorge Jimenez - Justice League #38 interiors, and a handful of Nightwing & Superman covers

Daniel Sampere - Justice League #38

Roberto Poggi - Assorted X-Men covers, plus pages from Nova, Atillan Rising, Mace Windu,  Astonishing X-Men, Black Panther: Warriors of Wakanda and more!

Mico Suayan - Cover for Suicide Squad #3, Star #1 (Star's first cover appearance!), and Atlantis Attacks #2
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