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June Art Update

Published on June 22, 2021


Hello folks,

Hope June has been treating you well! Tons of incredible new art has gone up on our site since the last newsletter. We have some Batman, Spider-Man, Catwoman, Ice Cream Man, Lady Death, Wolverine, and more! Feast your eyes on a sampling of pages below, and be sure to scroll to the bottom for a full list with links.

This week for auction: pieces by Tyler Jenkins, Lan Medina, Renato Rei, Marcelo Ferreira, and Roberto Poggi!


Jorge Jimenez - Batman #109 Cover


Martin Morazzo - Ice Cream Man #24 Page 22


Ed Benes - Trinity: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman Pinup


Diego Bernard - Lady Death: Cataclysmic Majesty Pages 20-21


Marcelo Ferreira & JP Mayer - Miles Morales: Spider-Man #19 Page 6


Juan Ferreyra - Moon Knight Commission


JP Mayer - Wolverine #12 Page 3


Marcelo Ferreira - Amazing Spider-Man #57 (Second Print) Cover


Fernando Blanco - Catwoman #31 Page 9


Brian Hurtt - Grendel Commission


What's new:

Jorge Jimenez - Batman #109
Martin Morazzo - Ice Cream Man #24
Ed Benes - Various Pinups - Trinity, Mary Jane, Birds of Prey, Goblin Queen, Spider-Man & Black Cat, Conan & Red Sonja, Peter Parker & Mary Jane
Marcelo Ferreira & JP Mayer - Miles Morales: Spider-Man #19
JP Mayer - Wolverine #11 & #12
Marcelo Ferreira - Amazing Spider-Man #57 Cover (second print), Amazing Spider-Man #67
Fernando Blanco - Catwoman #31
Diego Bernard - Lady Death: Cataclysmic Majesty, Hellwitch Adult Covers
Brian Hurtt - Commission Samples - Grendel, Starman

Just a reminder that you can follow us on Instagram @comiconart for first looks at new art. As always, we hope you find something you like, and thanks for looking!

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