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ARTmas - the story so far! (Days 1-11)

Published on December 6, 2018

Just in case you haven't been able to follow along on social media, here is where we stand thus far (and EVERYTHING from ARTMAS is 10% off through Tuesday, December 18th).  Day 12 art will be posted on Monday - have a great weekend!

Day 11 Update 

Ediano Silva - pages from Vampirella / Dejah Thoris 3
Marcio Abreu - several new full-size (11x17) pinups
JP Mayer - inks for X-Men: Gold 22 (over Diego Bernard blueline pencils)

Day 10 Update 

Lan Medina - Supergirl 25 pages
Johnnie Christmas - Alien III pages, covers, and concept art

Day 9 Update

Oscar Bazaldua - Mr & Mrs X #5 pages
Juan Castro - The Wrong Earth #4 pages
Martin Morazzo - She Could Fly #4 pages

Day 8 Update

Viktor Bogdanovic - Terrifics #10 interior pages
Ediano Silva - pages from Vampirella / Dejah Thoris 2
Juan Ferreyra - new covers for Avengers and Killmonger

Day 7 Update

Mikel Janin - Batman 59 pages featuring Alfred and the Penguin
Roc Upchurch - Rat Queens Halloween painting + painted commissions now available
Netho Diaz - GI Joe covers & pinups

Day 6 Update

Ed Benes - Project: Superpowers Covers
Martin Morazzo - Ice Cream Man 8 pages
Mico Suayan - miscellaneous Marvel and DC covers

Day 5 Update

Diego Bernard - Unpublished Valiant Covers
Alisson Rodrigues and Jagdish Kumar - GI Joe Silent Option #1 inks
Marcio Abreu - Batman Sample Pages

Day 4 Update 

Juan Castro - The Wrong Earth 3 pages
Ed Benes - Deathstroke 36 pages
Ediano Silva - covers for Grimm Fairy Tales and Barbarella


Day 3 Update

Juan Ferreyra - Killmonger 1 pages
Simon Gane - covers for They're Not Like Us 18, and TPB 3
JP Mayer - inks for Amazing Spider-Man (over Mike Hawthorne pencils), Deadpool: Assassin (over Mike Bagley pencils), and Dr Strange (over Andres Guinaldo pencils)


Day 2 Update 

Martin Morazzo - pages from She Could Fly 3
Mico Suayan - quad connecting Venom Covers (22" x 34")
Mikel Janin - Batman 58 pages featuring Alfred and the Penguin


Day 1 Update 

Ediano Silva - pages from Vampirella / Dejah Thoris 1
Netho Diaz - assorted covers
Marcio Abreu - (16) Inktober pinups

We will update this daily, so please keep checking back for new art!

Thanks, Court

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