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Marcelo Ferreira (Absolute Carnage/Deadpool) Joins CCA! New Art Update!

Published on September 3, 2019
Marcelo Ferreira (Absolute Carnage/Deadpool) Joins CCA + New Art Update!

First, we are extremely pleased to announce that MARVEL artist Marcelo Ferreira has just joined Comiconart!  Marcelo is currently working on the white-hot Absolute Carnage / Deadpool miniseries with inker Roberto Poggi, and all pages from issue 1 are now available!  We will also be adding pages from his previous work on Spider-Force and Punisher: War of the Realms in coming weeks, as well as more art from Absolute Carnage/Deadpool, so keep an eye on his page for future updates!  Up next from Marcelo:  MORBIUS!

Marcelo will also be available for commissions in the near future as well, and we will make an announcement here first so that all of our newsletter subscribers have first shot as space will be limited!

Lots of other fantastic new art has just been added to the site as well!  Keeping this newsletter short but sweet, here is a list of everything that has been added since the last update:

Ed Benes - New pinups added

Diego Bernard - Lady Death: Scorched Earth

Marcelo Ferreira - Absolute Carnage Vs Deadpool #1, Back to the Future Covers & Ghostbusters cover

Juan Ferreyra - Savage Sword of Conan #11 cover

Mikel Janin - Batman #77

Jorge Jimenez - Justice League #30

Ediano Silva - Vamiprella/Dejah Thoris #4 & #5

Mico Suayan - Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors#2  Codex Variant cover & Fantastic Four: Negative Zone #1 cover

Thanks for looking!  More to come next week - please stay tuned!


Court & Sasha


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